Smart Grid Project

Ehsan Sabaghian

PhD Candidate

337 Hinds Hall | Phone: (315) 443-5509
I am a PhD Candidate in Information Science and Technology at School of Information Studies (iSchool), Syracuse University, NY.

Before that, I was VP of Business Development at Cyber Inspectors™ LLC, Burlington, MA. from June 2011-2013. I received my 2nd Master in Information Technology Management from Clark University, MA in August 2012.

Over my career, as an information systems expert, I have +9 years experience in different IS disciplines and have been SME in 15 big IT projects in different areas such as: strategic information systems planning, system analyze and modeling, enterprise information architecture, technology management adoption and implementation, IT project management, e-Commerce and e-Business development, data analysis and IT risk and security management.

I received my 1st Master degree in 2007 in Information Systems form Azad University, Tehran, Iran and defended my thesis as titled: Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP) based on Information Ecology Theory, which was recognized as the best thesis of academic year. My Bachelor degree is in business management with industrial management focus from Azad University, Tehran, Iran.

I have +4 years teaching experience as university instructor for undergraduate and graduate students, I wrote few articles and translate one handbook (to Persian) on social informatics back in 2009. As a member of ASIS&T and AIS, my research interests derive from these intellectual communities: information systems, socio-technical theories and oraganizational studies (institutional theory).
As for my research, in a broader sense, I am interested in mutual constitution between digital technologies and their informational, organizational and social context. I study that adopting information systems theories, socio-technical perspectives and institutional theory perspectives.

Currently, my research focuses on 3 areas:
(a) integration patterns of smart-grid technologies in electricity distribution industry (with focus on demand-response programs). More info at:
(b) air-quality citizen-sensing projects as infrastructure for social action and civic engagement
(c) infrastructure studies; perspectives, constructs, theories, methods and design

For business projects, I am interested in the design, analysis and impact of emerging disruptive technologies such as smart-devices, big-data and cloud computing at organizations and at industry level.


    Information Systems Analysis and Design (IST654)
    Globalization, IT and Culture (GET305)
    Socio-Technical Systems and Theories
    Knowledge Management; Theory and Practice
    Cyber Security; Standards, Regulations and Ethics
    Cyber Security CAPSTONE