Smart Grid Project

Smart Grid Adoption

Adoption of smart grid technologies by electrical utilities:

Factors influencing organizational innovation in a regulated environment

Principal investigator: Jason Dedrick, Syracuse University

Co-principal investigators: Jeffrey Stanton and Murali Venkatesh, Syracuse University

Electric utilities are challenged to modernize a deteriorating infrastructure, improve grid resilience, reduce outages, incorporate renewable energy sources, and give customers more control over their energy use. Smart grid technologies can help utilities respond to these challenges by incorporating ICTs across the grid. Yet smart grid adoption and integration presents major organizational and technical challenges to utilities. As a result, smart grid adoption varies widely across U.S. utility companies, and the much of the potential benefit remains untapped.

This research addresses the following questions: (1) What internal and external factors determine the motivation and willingness of utility companies to develop and deploy smart grid innovations? (2) How do organizations in a regulated environment respond to innovation opportunities and challenges? (3) What policy changes would be required to overcome obstacles to the adoption and integration of smart grid technologies?

This project is creating new knowledge about organizational adoption of potentially disruptive innovations in the context of a regulated market. The results of the project will provide useful practical insights for managers, regulators and policymakers involved in smart grid adoption and implementation.

Acknowledgement: This project is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. SES-1231192.

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