Smart Grid Project

Terrance Andersen

Graduate Student

337 Hinds Hall | Phone: (315) 807-4373

Summary About Terrance Andersen

Terrance has been working as a Research Assistant for Dr. Dedrick at the iSchool for just over a year. A key piece of their research is analyzing and visualizing data recorded on 15 minute and 1 minute increments for 1,000+ data sources over about a 3 year span. One of the thing Terrance is responsible for: managing and importing the data sets and creating the queries necessary to analyze and visualize the results.

Terrance finished his B.S. in Information Management & Technology at Syracuse University in August 2015 and is now in the master’s program for Information Management. Besides his major, he is also working on two Certificates of Advanced Studies, one in Information Security Management and the other in Data Science. Recently, he went on the (GET - 687) class trip to South-East Asia, and exclaims it was the best experience of his life. It was also the first time he had ever been out of the U.S.

Terrance previously worked for a company called AWS Convergence Technologies where he assisted in troubleshooting: hardware, software, and firewall issues for about 8,000 weather stations that transmitted data through the use of computer or hardware device. Terrance also has spent many years troubleshooting and repairing laptops and desktops.

Although, Terrance is very busy with attending school full-time and tending to his internship, his hobbies include: traveling, golfing, camping, and exploring various nature sites. His most recent interest is in learning about 3D printing and its potential and practical uses.